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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Holiday visitors

a couple from the UK enjoying the free breakfast

A fun family from the city on a day outing to Las Brisas y La Playa

Fun in the pool

See you at Semena Santa
On a road trip from North Carolina to Ecuador

In the background this sure isn't Washington DC in January
local workers taking a half day off

a local family spending a relaxing day at Las Brisas

From Ohio via LA having a blast

it's a long way from Dubai where this Portuguese teacher was working
David from Oklahoma stopped by on his way from Costa Rica to Belize
American TEFL teachers on summer break from schools in Antigua & Honduras
From the UK & Mexico
From San Francisco
Family from San Salvador with aunt visiting from San Francisco
Beauty from NYC spending a few days at the beach
A Kiwi/Canuck couple chilling in the pool
Another Kiwi taking the dogs to the beach
From Cranbrook BC via Santa Clara MX & Spanish school in Antigua
Brian from Victoria BC, an old friend I met in Antigua, Guatemala

A fellow Quebecer with his Salvadoran novia