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We will be Green

While it's not realistic to do without electricity it's use is restricted to necessities such as refrigeration of food & the all important cerveza.
+ the fans to keep the rooms cool, when occupied. Also the pool filter & pump to circulate the water daily for health reasons, the water pump is only used on the lawn + to fill the cistern & with the energy efficient fluorescent lighting costs are minimal.

Laundry for the B&B + any the guests require (at a small additional charge) is done the traditional way at the pila & air dried.

Cooking is done with a combination of wood + propane gas.

Grounds are also maintained in a traditional manner, however I did purchase a manual push lawnmower, does a more even job than a machete. No power tools are used in the grounds maintenance.

Due to the fact that we do not have garbage collection this far out of town, we are into recycling. There are people who come around for any metal, plastic etc what is left is burned along with the detritus from the grounds.

As the casa water is supplied by a cistern rather than don't expect the high pressure hot water shower you are used to at home, there is adequate pressure to wash with + the cistern water is lukewarm rather than cold.

This is the way we live, our staff lives & we feel our guests will benefit from experiencing our way of life during their stay.

We do however break with tradition & have satellite TV (2 local Spanish stations just don't cut it) + the slowest internet on the planet (except for the service I had in Pontypool Canada) provided by Claro.

Also instead of totally relying on the local chicken bus service, I do have a Kia car but with only a 1.4 liter engine, it goes almost forever on a tank of regular gas.