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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


2014, A Good Year!

December 30th, 2014                                   
The year at Rancho Las Brisas started off fairly busy in the high season, tapered off in the spring, strangely picked up in the summer then died off until December. All in all can’t complain as we’re off the beaten track and just starting to be known.
January: Lassie’s pups were weaned and went to good homes, except for Hachie whom I kept.
February: Car died leaving the lawyers one day but only 1/2 a block from a stop for bus #102 to La Libertad. Cheap repair, cheap ride home so not bad at all.
March: My wedding on the beach, Playa San Diego, La Libertad, El Salvador.
              My new stepdaughter’s birthday.
April: An old friend from Antigua, Brian, visits on his way from Canada to Antigua, a bed is added to the dorm, Camila’s 4th birthday.
May: Josefina’s Church group on a day trip to Rancho Las Brisas.
June: Refurbished the carton and got a bike for Nataly.
July: Nataly takes a flower arrangement to school for sports day.
August: Werner from GETS Solar stopped in during his search for property to move his business to El Salvador, he will be providing Rancho Las Brisas with some solar options for our green energy policy. Family from the US spent the night.
 001 035
September: Opened La Pupuseria Josefina and added a bed in the Gardner’s cottage.
October: Our taxi man got a new (to him) caban double pickup.
November: Went to the cemetery on the Day of the Dead to Spruce up mother’s grave and pay the yearly $1.00 maintance fee. Went on trip school as parent helper to Atlantis water park.
 001        009
Josefina’s birthday, feliz cumpleaños
029               013  015
December: New grill for the pupuseria, Jessina birthday, Navidad/Christmas
011       010
 020     025
A pretty good year in my books.
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  1. Good show Dave! Looks absolutely lovely! We will surely come and visit you in the near future. Good luck and good health and prosperity in 2015!

  2. Any time, we are available 24/7, looking forward to seeing you.